What is my care manager?

my care manager: unique, specialist support and service regarding eldercare and adultcare planning. Allowing employers to demonstrate awareness of current social and demographic issues affecting the workforce, whilst helping to retain staff and increase productivity.  Saving employees precious time and stress in the workplace, whilst giving support to them and their families outside of it.

Basically, we aim to be a one stop shop for advice and consultancy regarding the social care and health system. This enables employees to continue to contribute to your business as effectively as possible, maintaining their presence and focus, whilst also providing them with valuable support from their employer.

my care manager can also help employers anticipate future workforce needs and demands by partnering in more strategic projects.

With a pricing model to suit all budgets, our employee benefit products range from company-wide support and information services to bespoke concierge style personal care management. Innovative ideas, and specialist industry knowledge of the highest professional standard, is provided at all levels and we relish finding a solution with you or for you.

And, if you are an individual interested in using the private care management service directly, please do call us and we will can discuss a bespoke package to suit your needs. The service is set up to meet a range of needs from simple advice through to the concierge level for any private pay arrangements.