How my care manager Works

Further details about how to deliver the unique advantages of my care manager membership to employees, as well as the opportunity to develop specific solutions for your company, are available by arranging a meeting at your company's office or via our partners at Benefex.

But, basically the following steps talk you through how it works:
  • Employer signs up
  • Workplace launch
  • Employee issued details about service
  • Use website whenever you want to seek out up to date information
  • Keep updated with the regular email bulletins
  • Call one number for support, advice or assistance
  • Utilise supplementary services as and when required.

Customer Login Section

For my care manager customers logging in for the first time you will need to register first by clicking on the register button.

Please fill in your details in the boxes provided. The company Id is the name of the business or company that you work for, we will cross reference this with their account.

Once you have logged into the customer area you will be able to access the useful information that should be able to assist you with your enquiry.

If you need further information please use the contact information provided.