Eldercare Concierge Programme

All of the services of the other products, but structured for on individuals requiring the highest level of support.
A bespoke service provision designed for the highest level employees and in particular for overseas employees, whose work commitments require the most responsive and flexible service to be on hand anytime they need it. Utilised by employers as an incentive for talent attraction, employee retention or for securing those overseas postings.
my care manager can arrange anything from assisting with care support and advice, buying and delivering gifts on special occasions, complaints management, hospital liaison, visiting relatives at home or in residential care and providing well-being reports to clients...even use of Skype so that the family can see each other.

A true ‘care concierge’ service - for individuals who are used to having other people use their expertise to get the very best services , whilst enabling them to get the most out of their busy lives.