For the Corporate Client

In an increasingly competitive corporate environment, what can be done to make a company the company of choice where people feel that their individual needs are catered for beyond salary and bonus packages, cars and other benefits?
When people are in full-time or pressured jobs there is often limited time to deal with personal matters. By providing a one stop shop to impartial and professional advice and a friendly guide to options available or advocacy on an employees’ behalf, my care manager can help take the stress away. This alllows them to concentrate better on the job in hand.
In the workplace, my care manager offers:

  • Workplace visits/workshops/information days
  • E-Newsletters
  • Members only website access
  • Support line
  • Assessment visits
  • Advocacy and Complaints support
  • Guidance to local carer support groups
  • Problem solving to find best solution to care needs and immediate care problems
  • Care planning and risk assessment – taking into account financial budget, involvement of family or friends and levels of choice and control over own independence.

HR officers have acknowledged that when resources and skills are limited, people need their workforce to do more. One stated ‘you need them focused when they are at work and you need them present, not absent’.
Across a large company, the return on investment can quickly accumulate through:

  • A reduction or control of sickness absence days
  • retention of staff who may otherwise feel that they need to leave
  • minimising the cost of in house HR teams to deal with employee support and advice
  • reduction in claims against any insurance schemes for ill health e,g stress related carers