About My Care Manager


my care manager was formed in 2010, initially as a discrete service in response to requests from contacts working overseas, but with family back in the UK. Following further research, it was clear that professional, expert advice and support on social and health care service provision for both employers and their workforce was lacking. With backgrounds in social work, health and care, the my care manager team knows that the advice and support at early and critical stages makes a vital difference to quality of life: not only to the person directly requiring care and support, but to those around them especially informal or family carers.

So, with due consideration of the current and future demographic shift, both in terms of an ageing population and an ageing (and diminishing) workforce, my care manager was further developed to provide a service which utilises a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience for as wide an audience as possible, incorporating those key ingredients – passion, innovation and enthusiasm!

Head Office

Whilst my care manager is an independent entity, head office management functions are contracted via the significant resources of the Agincare Group. Raina remains CEO and Derek remains Chairman of the Group, thus ensuring their current awareness of social and health care matters at the forefront of public debate.

Their ongoing involvement in the range of frontline care service provision ensures that both their knowledge and access to valuable resources remains at the forefront in all of their work. It also means that my care manager benefits from the established organisational relationships with a huge national network of social and health care agencies across statutory, voluntary and independent networks.

Call Centre

Call centre provision is via our partners at Benefex, the leading employee benefits experts, and this provides the 'one-stop' professional and efficient service that their customers have come to expect.

Full training from my care manager is provided to the team to ensure that they fully understand the range of products and can answer questions, provide guidance and navigate enquirers through our online information service.  And of course, act quickly when you need to link in with the qualified Care Consultants or supplementary services.